Created by: Dana & Dan Design

Ever since I can remember, the sea has been an integral part of my life. Born in Israel, in a northern coastal town by the sea, I often go to the beach for a swim or a stroll and take in its natural beauty.

The composition of the light, the air, the water and the sand, the shapes, textures and colors, the softness and the intensity have always been a source of inspiration for the vision reflected in my work.

I’ve always been involved in creation activities, and after graduating the design academy I worked as a graphic designer for about 10 years. Over  the years, I‘ve felt a growing urge for real manual work and the feel of tactile materials running through my fingers, and so, I shut down my design studio and turned back to my old love for ceramics.

After a few years of creating my own functional ceramics, I started focusing on ceramics as a way of creating my personal artwork, instructed by Professor Regis Brodie at the Skidmore College.

My work is an exploration, a quest that combines spontaneous, intuitive work with meticulous accurate esthetics as an expression of beauty. Sometimes I feel like an archeologist, gently removing layers, peeling and exposing the hidden worlds waiting patiently, desiring to reveal themselves.

The artworks created are abstract organic sculptural shapes. Their scale varies and some can be held in your hand and observed from any angle. The lines and movement lead the eye around the shape into it and all through it.

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Sharon Brill Ceramic Sculptures