I  believe that the presence of a sculpture in the space in which we live,  enables the connection of art to everyday life, to the existence, to the  true reality. Art connects and balances between the mind and the heart  and is the key to our health as individuals and as a society.

All My sculptures can be use as a model

The pictures resembles my works and each sculpture of mine can be a model for enlargement

From model to public art

Key points on the way to a public sculpture

The  process of creating a sculpture for a public space begins with the  selection of one of my porcelain sculptures or models, which will be the  basis for the public sculpture.

The materials that I have chosen to build my public sculptures with are Aluminum with satin finishing or White Bronze.

I will create a simulation which will show the size and material of the sculpture from several points of view  in order to show it's interaction with the surrounding. 

I am cooperating  with a company in Spain that specializes in enlarging sculptures . The foundry I work with has extensive professional experience  with enlargement and production of sculptures from modules

 with a variety of new technologies as well with installation world wide.