My current works are abstract organic sculptural shapes. Their scale varies and some can be held in your hand and observed from any angle. The lines and movement lead the eye around the shape and into it. My work is created out of an internal drive, as if emerging out of itself. 

What intrigues me is how I merge myself into the object, how I steep myself into the process to create spontaneously and intuitively, opening the layers, in search for what lies behind the overt, what is hidden within…

The concept of my works exists in the integration between two poles: aspiration for meticulous and restrained esthetics on the one hand, and unrestricted spontaneous and intuitive search on the other.

The forms are made of wheel thrown or slab-constructed and altered porcelain, fired to 1260°C /2232°F. The Porcelain remains bare. The works are sanded with various grades of sandpaper from rough to smooth, before and after being fired.